WordPress is a free and open-source content management system (CMS) used by millions of companies, professionals, and individuals worldwide. Aside from this, it is currently the most popular website management system because of its accessibility, security, and ease of use.

WordPress is popularly used by bloggers and marketers considering it is open and very simple to manage. Can you sell on the site conceiving it is renowned for bloggers? Absolutely, yes. If you already have an established WordPress site, then you have less work to do but if you do not have you should start establishing now.

Here is how to sell online with your WordPress site:

  1. Choose your product

Knowing the content of your WordPress site is very important because you will derive your product from it. For example, your blog is about fashion because you love fashion. One way of monetizing your site is to sell fashion pieces in line to your blog content. Make sure that your product is close to your target niche for the site to be an effective hub for fashion enthusiasts and alike.

  1. Buy a Domain

Buying a domain means business. No one will consider purchasing on a free hosted site. Simply put, if you buy a domain you will have your own URL which means you already have a legit website of your own.

  1. Download WordPress

Now that you already have your own URL, download WordPress and install it. WordPress has a walkthrough guide that will assist you in the process.

  1. Choose an E-commerce Platform

There are free E-commerce platforms or plug-ins you can use, but there are also for sale. The free ones have limitations, but the for sale ones have more benefits and fewer limitations. These plug-ins will help you customize your online store.

  1. Test your Online Store

After choosing your products, buying a domain, setting up a WordPress account and choosing an E-commerce platform, it’s time to test your website to ensure everything is working smoothly. You can be your first customer so you can test if your online store is keeping up.