How To Sell Sex Toys Online?

The popularity of sex toys among adults has grown impressively in recent years. More people are looking for ways of spicing up their bedroom life, and there’s no better way to do so than using sex toys. Nonetheless, very few people can admit that they use these toys since sex is still perceived to be a taboo subject in many parts of the world.

Selling these toys can be a lucrative venture.  Nonetheless, you may not attract many customers if you choose to sell they toys from typical brick-and-mortar stores. The modern consumer prefers shopping online irrespective of the type of goods that they want to purchase. By having an online store or e-commerce website, you will provide customers a convenient and discrete way to purchase adult toys that they only see in sex shows. Here’s how to sell adult toys online.

Set Up an Online Store

To fully harness the adult market, you should set up an online sex toy store. Do not let the adult tag fool you because starting an online sex toy store is similar to setting up typical online stores. You should bear in mind the fact that despite the lucrative nature of this market, it is highly competitive. 

Often, merchants source their products from the same manufacturers and drop shippers. Therefore, product prices tend to be similar. Your online venture is likely to be a success if you specialize in a niche rather than trying to compete with more established retailers.

Optimize Your Store

To successfully sell sex toys online, you should optimize your store. Once you identify the niche in which want to specialize, choose long-tail keywords rather than overly generic ones. This will make your store unique.

Optimize Your Store for Mobile

Purchasing adult toys is akin to watching sex shows. Definitely, your customers wouldn’t want everyone else to know about it. Phones offer more browsing privacy compared to desktops. Shoppers are likely to check out your products on their phones for privacy purposes.

Optimizing your sex toy e-commerce website/store for mobile devices will help you attract as many shoppers as possible. Similarly, you should provide additional security to ensure that shoppers’ data and payment info is safeguarded.

Implement Age Verification

It’s illegal to sell adult toys to underage shoppers. Therefore, your website needs to have an age verification tool. This way, you will comply with laws pertaining to the sale of adult sex toys. Also, implementing age verification will make your website look credible.


Not many people have the guts to walk into a store and purchase an adult sex toy. You can build a thriving business by selling sex toys online. The secret to this lies in narrowing down to a specific niche since this will help you create an enviable brand name.